Parent Duties

When you volunteer your time during a kinder session it would be appreciated if you could assist in the following areas:

  • reading with the children,
  • writing names on art work,
  • assisting with a particular activity,
  • playing in home corner, block corner, etc.,
  • wiping down tables in preparation for snack and lunch time,
  • assisting in washing hands before session, snack and lunch time,
  • wiping down tables and placemats and
  • general tidy-up of room, home corner, stacking chairs, paintbrushes and children’s lockers (all their belongings put into their bags)

You are welcome to use the kitchen facilities for making tea or coffee but for safety reasons hot drinks must be consumed in the kitchen area only.

We appreciate and thank you for volunteering your time at kinder; your child will love having you at kinder. You will get to see how your child interacts within the group and gain valuable insight into your child’s development.

Do you have a skill you would like to share with the kinder?

We welcome parents to share their skills within the kinder program, during working bees and after kinder hours. Your children will love having their parents be apart of their kinder lives.

Skills can include gardening, cooking, sewing, maintenance, artistic as well as others that could benefit the kindergarten. Please speak to your child’s teachers to express your interest.